Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent- Waiting

You keep us waiting.
You, the God of all time,
Want us to wait for the right time in which to discover
Who we are, where we must go,
Who will be with us, and what we must do.
So, thank you…for the waiting time.
 - John Bell


  1. I do like this - I didn't know the prayer before, but it's timely for me and for some of the people I'm accompanying at the moment, so thank you.

    Err, is that a duck in the picture?

  2. It is indeed a duck. I took it during a power cut where I'd been forced to be 'creative' in my approach to makeshift lighting! If you google the prayer you'll find it's part of a longer one. Reminds me I must file the whole thing in amongst my resource file. Used the extract I blogged as a lead in to a Julian prayer meeting yesterday. Seemed to speak into Advent so well.


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