Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring has Sprung! April 2015 A-Z Blog Challenge

Mr and Mrs GP Jnr's Wedding Cake

Spring has sprung, the grass is 'riz and I'm emerging from a hibernation which has included  Christmas, a  wonderful retreat,  angst, a broken-down washing machine and, much much more. 'More,' being another trip across The Pond for Ms GP and BF's wedding earlier in the month - an event uniquely theirs. As I wrote to an aunt this morning, Ms GP has always 'done different!' We had an unforgettable  few days celebration, met some great new members of the family, (The 'Outlaws!) even managed to squeeze in some sightseeing. Mstr GP spent happy hours exploring a certain Mr Bob Dylan's favourite haunts, and I've mentally bookmarked a rather lovely veggie cafe for my next visit. Never separate a GP from her Nice Cup of Something, is my motto.

So - to business! The April 2015 A-Z Blog Challenge? Why oh why? Why not? The dreamer in me likes to think that I'll be regaling you, the reader with a carefully themed, thoughtfully planned and prayed -over piece of theological reflection each day.  Especially considering the challenge begins during Holy Week. The realist knows that the actuality will be nearer what I wrote in my original welcome message to GGP: "a right old pot-pourri of bits 'n bobs." Isn't that what life is made up of, after all?