Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hazards of an over-fertile Imagination

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Is it just me whose imagination goes walkabout at the most inconvenient times? Like the Ascension Day service, for instance, as we were busy All Hail (ing) the Power of Jesus' Name, Let Angels prostrate fall...I'd visions of said angelic beings toppling over like a line of dominos.  It could have been worse, I suppose.

Does anybody else suffer from an over-active imagination?


  1. LOL with the angels :) I do have an overactive imagination, it is fun though because we can be creative as a result of it.


  2. I do. And sometimes, I'd be over over board as to challenge even what's here and now - reality so to speak. I can get crazy with my imaginations that sometimes, I am no longer sure if something is a product of my imagination or is actually happening. Haha

  3. :) With the angels as Betty said; more like away with the fairies sometimes in my case. Thanks both of you.

  4. Sometimes my imagination does get in the way of my real life. Thanks for visiting my blog today!!

  5. Not sure my imagination is that active. My mind does wander from time to time though.

  6. Yes, which being a writer is a good thing (most of the time)


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