Friday, 30 November 2012

Gifts and Traditions - An Offline Recycled Greenpatch

OK, let's get the "Bah - humbugging" over before Advent begins shall we?  I've updated Offline Greenpatches with a piece I wrote shortly after we moved back to the UK, Gifts and Traditions. Do please bear in mind that a) I was probably still suffering a touch of  reverse culture-shock at the time and b) This was written 14 years ago. I hope I've loosened up a bit since then. Though not quite in the way that Mr GP seems to be implying; gleefully drawing my attention to an item on R5 Live re the Patron Saint  of the High Street's latest addition to their 'Secret Support' undies range. No, dearest, I do not have "Bingo Wings" thank you very much!

The central  principle still  applies, nonetheless. (The Almighty's, not St Michael's, in case you were wondering...)

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