Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A-Z Day 15: Midway

Midway definition:
in the middle between two places or points
 : at the halfway point
: in the middle of an act, process, or period of time

So - I'm midway on the journey blogging A-Z. How am I doing? Not too badly, if I say it myself. Even if it's neither high literature nor deep theological reflection, at least I seem to be getting my blogging mojo back at last. 

"Could do better" - I'm finding it quite difficult to keep up with visiting other blog challengers. Apologies - life and all sorts of tiresome bits n bobs have prevented me. Never mind, we are only halfway through...just...there is time.  My thanks go  to everybody who's popped in to read Growing Greenpatches, however. It's been fascinating to discover the sheer variety of bloggery topics I have managed to get to so far. I will get round to reading  you.

Today's musical interlude could only be those much-loved words of A.A. Milne, sung here by the equally loved Robin,  Kermit the Frog's little nephew. All together now..."Ahhh!"


  1. if you're grading yourself on "could do better" then you're always going to be dissatisfied. we can always all do better, no one perfectly completes the A to Z challenge without some bumps and missteps. What i DO know is that i love AA Milne and Kermit. And young Robin.

    1. There have definitely seen some twists and turns that I've not expected. There's nothing like serendipity, is there?

  2. It is hard to imagine that we are halfway through :) Going by way too fast!


  3. There's always time to catch up on other people's blogs. I was travelling for the first part of the month so I did very little reading of other people's blogs, but I'm catching up now! :)
    And congrats for making it so far!! :)


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