Friday, 1 March 2013


image:Danilo Rizutti:

Oh dear! Mr GP disappears to cycle ev'ry mountain for a week and what do I discover? We have mice. Not in the far, (I suspect GP dog and cat would soon give them a run for their money), but in the garage, attracted by sacks of pet food. When Ms GP phoned last night she uttered a shriek of horror at learning that I've set some traps. I feel eternally guilty as well, especially given my Franciscan credentials: "What would Francis Do?" asked daughter. She's promised to pass her ultrasonic mice deterrent devices  on to us when next we meet. I guess he would probably have gone for more humane methods of pest control:  delivered a suitably meece-flavoured sermonette or even a merry ditty on his fiddle (the medieval equivalent of an ultrasonic deterrent device?). I'm dreading the moment of truth, when I have to go out and check the wretched traps. Ah well.


  1. You have my sympathy - nay, empathy, as you'll appreciate if you read my recent post! I was going to ask you what the Franciscan take is on mouse-traps... For what it's worth, our little visitors completely ignore the ultrasonic "deterrents" and we too are having to consider stronger measures. Good luck!

  2. Do you know, I'd read but not registered it! Empathy too. I'm hoping that should the little darlings make their way into the house GP cat will have the decency to do his duty. Who knows it might divert his energies from dropping little 'parcels,' on my nice wooden flooring! As for the Franciscan take, I think that maybe now is the time to post up a disclaimer just to cover myself. Any ideas?

  3. We abandoned "green"-ness and bought traps which catch, kill and enclose the mice and then get chucked entire, without needing to see the contents. Feeble, but true. Robert Dyas ironmongers, I seem to remember.

    Or else accidently-on-purpose shut the cat in the garage for the day?

  4. That might be a better idea. Thanks. I'll hop down to Robert Dyas on Monday. Though last time I checked, the existing traps had no "contents." Was rather relieved, in a funny kind of way.


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