Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spiritual Underpinnings - On Retreat

Compton Durville, May 2010
Would that I was! Never mind. Spring is really on its way now, my sunflower seedling is pushing its way through the soil so I've decided to follow in like mind by adding to my sorely neglected Spiritual Underpinnings page - beginning with Retreats. They've been a mainstay of my spiritual journey for nearly ten years now. I'm so thankful to the people who showed me that they  aren't just for monks, nuns and priests but can benefit 'ordinary' people, like myself. (Is anybody ever 'ordinary' I wonder?) My first experiences of retreat were at the  (sadly now closed) Community of St Francis at Compton Durville. My experience up to then had been mostly of Parish Weekends and conferences; I quickly - and thankfully - learned that your average retreat is a very different animal! I tend to go in for the oodles of silence and meet with your retreat guide once a day type of set-up: the classic Individually Guided Retreat.  If that's not your thing, don't worry, retreats  come in all shapes and sizes, although an essential element is always that of setting aside time and space to be with and hear God: something that even with best intentions I don't always remember  to incorporate into my day to day busyness.

Anyoldhow, I've linked to a number of different folks' reflections on their retreat experiences and will add more as I find them. I hope it'll prove a handy resource. Do pop over there if you want.

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