Monday, 8 April 2013

Here Comes The Sun?

When I grow up I'm going to be a sunflower. Yes, really... Mr GP gave me three of these little fellows for my birthday last week. Good, aren't they? I've planted the first can in an attempt to convince myself as much as anybody else  that if the sun still isn't appearing down our way, we can  brighten up the place with our own variety. I say "convince myself; " my  fits of the bleahs, ennui, acidie or whatever you want to call it  continue. Whether it's post-Easter let down, (when our church does Holy Week, it really does it well!), lingering post -  meno health niggles or whatever; my blog -  if not my whole get up and go -  seems to have got up and gorn. 

Out there in the blogosphere,  Retired Knitter has fallen over the edge of a 'blog cliff,' the much revered Chorister has 'retired,' her wonderful wibsite choir blog, and Steve Tilley...well...I might have completely misunderstood his last post, but he's currently  in colloquy with a being called Big Blogger. I'm not alone it seems.

Mr GP, on the other hand,  is on a roll, with his talk of pedalling and postive mindsets. Maybe I need to get on my bike. 


  1. I love sunflowers! Remember the story of Clytie from your classical education? Wanting always to gaze in love at Apollo she was turned into a sunflower so she could always face the Sun. They have "summer" written all over their happy faces...

    And you know what? I read a blog-post recently (can't think where) about the comforts and consolations of curling up with books and blankets and hot water bottles and simply being - never mind what's happening to your get-up-and-go... Not that it isn't always good to hear from you! Take it easy...

  2. Oh, and I should have said - belated happy birthday!

  3. I'd actually missed that one, but thanks, I'll give it a look. Yes, they do spell "summer", don't they?

    Had you come across Evangeline Patterson's poem "And This Will Be Heaven?" One of my favourites, with wonderful use of sunflower imagery.

    1. Wonderful poem! I didn't know it before, so thank you for it. I can see why it's a favourite of yours. If anyone else wants a look (and I recommend it) I've found it at


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