Sunday, 21 July 2013

Another week - another labyrinth

Labyrinth Norwich Cathedral
What a wonderful surprise, and what could be more appropriate than to introduce GP son to the labyrinth on his graduation day! Here he is walking...(well 'galloping' might be a more accurate way of describing it) his way round.

It was his second graduation; we now have a "Ma" as well as a Mum in the family! Actor Jack Davenport - there to receive an honorary Doctorate of Letters and Chancellor and author Rose Tremain offered, I thought,  heartening advice to all those young men and women embarking aiming to make their career in the creative arts: not to be discouraged, to look to the long process and above all, cultivate the qualities of patience and empathy, ("If you don't learn to listen to people, you'll run out of stories to tell."). Qualities that could benefit all of us, wherever we are on our life's path, I reckon.  We're looking forward to seeing where DS's journey takes him.

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