Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Changes, Changes

It must be the effect of all this sunshine.  I absent myself from blogland for a couple of weeks and when I get back, what do I find? The revered Archdruid Eileen has ********  /hopped off on sabbatical, that's what. It's not good enough!  And as if that wasn't enough  The Love that moves the sun is busy tinkering around with alternative blog titles. What is this;  the silly season?


  1. Certainly is! (Silly season I mean). Yes, bit of a shock about the Archdruid, wasn't it? Anyway, welcome back to crazy blogland!

  2. Thanks! She won't be able to keep away. I'll lay bets on her being back come September.

    1. You may say that, but I'm busy putting in the machine gun emplacements.

  3. Ye gods and little fishes - what have I unleashed?!


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