Friday, 15 August 2014

Epitaphs and Inscriptions - Update

That was a surprise. There's been a   postscript to my postscript about Bill Lobban, who died in 1975, whilst trying to rescue another walker from drowning in  Loch Lomond . Go through to my first link to read a comment by a member of the family. What a small world - made even smaller by the wonders of modern communication. Definitely one of the more positive aspects of the internet, this one.  Memories, too of our walk along the same route nearly three years ago. Below are some shots from our travels that day, from Rowardennan to Ardlui along the Eastern shore of Loch Lomond.  Photos 9 and 15 show the cairn and inscription that commemorate the life of a true hero.


  1. It was interesting reading your other posts about this brave man. I often wonder what I would do in a life-or-death situation: I fear I would be flapping my hands uselessly instead of shedding my backpack and leaping into the lake.
    Some lovely photos of a beautiful place.

  2. Thanks. I guess none of us ever know how we'll react till we're put to the test. It did concentrate the mind wonderfully as we continued on our way, especially when the rain and mist started to close in. That's not a part of our trip that I'd ever want to repeat!


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