Monday, 6 October 2014

Greenbelt ABC - Travelling Light (5)

M - The Mount.  One of Greenbelt's worship venues. 2014 was the third year I've volunteered with this team. We've gone through various changes of name and locations: We were Sanctuary in 2013 - and what a sanctuary it was - tucked away  near the top of the grandstand buildings in Cheltenham. Oh the joy of having a warm, dry place to retreat to! The year I joined the team in 2012, we were 'Eden,' an outdoor venue tucked away in what used to be stables at the edge of the racecourse. 'The Mount,' was...a mount, literally. Well, a man-made mound, with spectacular views out over the festival village. Not that easy to get to, (definite acessibility issues there), but a sanctuary of a different kind, with so many analogies with our faith journeying.

Mud. No, not these gentleman.  Mix rainy Bank Holidays, rolling fields and the tramp of thousands of pairs of wellie boots and the result is kind of inevitable.

N. Nadia Boltz-Weber. Greenbelt stalwart and Lutheran Pastor like no other Lutheran pastor I've ever seen. Not that I know any others. You can see her in action here. One day I will get to one of her talks, although she did do a spot for the Volunteers' welcome and briefing, which was a huge improvement on the usual fare.

O. Orpheus.  Way way down in the Underworld - The Mount's mirror opposite, home to a labyrinth and other installations which I never got round to visiting. More on its history here.

Mud, mud, glorious mud. That Tuesday morning feeling.

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