Friday, 17 October 2014

Greenbelt ABC - Travelling Light (7)

S - Susan Sayers - (See D). Silent Eucharist, courtesy of Luminous.
      Showers and Sinead O'Connor - though not,  thank goodness, at the same time. Though given           the       volume, you could easily have heard her from the wash block anyway. One of the perks of                   volunteering is free entrance to the showers. The ability to be able to  stand on one leg              whilst                getting dressed whilst          simultaneously attempting  to stop your clothes ending up in a soggy        heap on the cubicle floor is recommended. [Gremlins strike again!]

T - TSSF: (See F)

       Tortoise -  Yes, that's right, a tortoise, accompanying its human during the Silent Eucharist. I do        wish I'd had my camera handy! Did it go up for a blessing, I wonder?

        T-Shirt -  Just as well I didn't have my camera handy. Some of us suit volunteer T-shirts, some            of         us don't. I don't. Make a great extra layer on those chilly evenings, however.

        Tent: You've heard quite enough about Darth Vadar MkII already, so I'll spare you any                       more.

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