Thursday, 19 April 2012

When in Rome... remember to take an umbrella with you.  A soaking wet and bronchitic Greenpatch's view of the queue for the Vatican museums earlier in the week.  How does I went to the Vatican and all I got was a wodge of  loo roll sound as a T shirt slogan? Whilst I wouldn't say my time spent  hacking into the papally provided toilet tissue and downing  my Bronchenolo Sedativo e Fluidificante rated up there with visiting the Sistine Chapel, it came pretty close! Both of us went down with the lurgy although happily it didn't spoil our stay in Rome; we managed to pack a fair amount into the four days we were there, thanks in part to some handy hints and tips from a fellow TSSF tertiary, (you know who you are!) A million thanks.

More later perhaps. We got in at 1 am this morning  after a fourteen hour journey and are still trying to come down to earth.

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