Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advent - While Shepherds Watched

Another B-ewetiful treasure spotted in Bruges

This little chap is waiting to take his rightful place in the Greenpatch nativity scene. We simply couldn't resist him. As reader who've been following this blog and its predecessor know, the cast of our Christmas creche tend towards the 'eclectic' and he's no exception. Why, with that bouncy spring holding him up, he could even understudy for the Archangel Gabriel.

Whilst we're talking sheep, do have a listen to this jolly 'alternative' version of While Shepherds Watched. Our community choir  (not the choir in this recording) will be singing this at their Christmas concert. Wonderful- -  though such an 'earworm.' I've not been able to stop humming it for weeks!


  1. Love the expression on his face! Can't wait to see the whole scene in due course. And I enjoyed While Shepherds Watched. Have you heard it sung to On Ilkley Moor Baht 'At (sp?) That's jolly too!

  2. Yes, we sung that version last Christmas!

  3. And re your lovely sheep - I don't know if you ever read a blog called A Skinny Fairtrade LatteIn The Food Court Of Life but I think you should be in communication with each other right now! Have a look at

  4. Well, that took my mind off impending visit to the dentist - thanks! I've popped over and had a peep. It might even inspire me to set up our nativity set this evening. Poor 'Zebedee' must be feeling lonely...


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