Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A-Z Challenge Day 10 - Journal 52

Journal 52 2016 Week 12 - 'Emulate'

Just a quick post today. I've been taking part in the Journal 52 weekly art journaling project again this year. Root around in the bowels of Greenpatches if you're feeling brave, and you'll find some other examples from previous years. I've never yet managed to complete the weekly prompts for the entire year, but who knows, maybe 2016 will be the exception to the rule.

A few weeks ago,  we were asked to attempt a journal piece in the style of an artist of our choice. I went for Rothko. Great fun, although I didn't emulate his way of working exactly; a huge canvas spread out over the kitchen floor would have delighted the dogs, mind you. I stuck to A4 on the counter.  You should have seen the state of the walls once I'd finished the piece! Rothko meets Laura Ashley with the remains of Mr GP's last fry-up thrown in.

I can't resist sneaking in an extra J - 'Junk!' It partly accounts for the shortness of this post. 'Never work with animals, children,' and, I'd add: 'Never upgrade your operating system just because you're prompted to. Talk about sllooowwww!


  1. Can you elaborate a little on the Journal 52 project? Can I participate in it mid-year? And that was a nice piece of art!

    @bhawnasaini_yml from Yellow Mellow Life

    1. Hello, thanks for visiting. Yes, there are a good many people who pick up on Journal 52 part way through the year. Check out the site. I'm two weeks behind, myself!

  2. LOL about the last part; yep I never like to upgrade for that very reason! Very nice piece of art you created.


  3. Your journal piece looks great. I love trying out new art projects. Good luck with the upgrade!

    Weekends In Maine

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed doing it. You should have seen the sight of my kitchen when I'd finished!


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