Friday, 14 December 2012

All I Want for Christmas my two front teeth. I spent a pleasant half hour at the dentist this afternoon having a crown fitted. The objets d'art pictured above are the impressions that were taken of my jaw, which I'll be keeping for future use. (A long way in the future, I hope!). No, the Christmas decorations weren't part of the package; that's just my creativity gone wild.   After all, this is probably the only time I'll  (well - part of me anyway) be immortalized in plaster. Michelangelo, eat your heart out.

Any further suggestions for Christmas themed dentistry ditties welcomed.


  1. This Is The Tooth Sent From Above...

  2. Or, while we're still in Advent:
    Hark A Filling Voice Is Sounding

  3. Or even O Gum O Gum Emmanuel...?

    Don't worry, I'm going to bed now!

  4. Just as well - else I'll be grinding my teeth in despair!


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