Monday, 14 January 2013

J'aime la Galette

Galette des Rois, Greenpatch style

J'aime la galette
Savez-vous comment ?
Quand elle est bien faite
Avec du beurre dedans
Tralalala lalala lalère
Tralalala lalala lala

Catching up on matters Ephiphany-wise: here's last week's attempt at making a Galette des Rois, (King's Cake), my best yet, if I say so myself! We brought this tradition, common throughout  France and other parts of Europe, back with us after our time living in Alsace. I've often 'cheated,' and make the filling out of ready to roll marzipan; this time I mashed some up  before adding adding flour, eggs and milk to make my own version of frangipane. It worked! Well, I've not yet had any reports of the collywobbles from book group, who were the lucky tasters at our meeting last week, so I guess its safe to assume they all survived the experience! We've also said goodbye to our last little porcelain feve, which gives us a good excuse to go exploring in search of new supplies for next Epiphany. 


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