Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Grace

"Grace" the latest addition to the GP menagerie

I guess we could all do with some grace at this time of the year. Here's mine - a pressie from Ms GP - "Grace," one of Andrew Duncan Graham's "Highland Characters," handmade from Harris tweed and stuffed with lavender. Ideal for snuggling up with in bed on a cold night. (So far, neither GP cat nor Mr GP have raised any objections!).

Next up - this ingenious little "drawing machine," another gem from Ms GP who has a knack  for discovering  the most  quirky and unusual gifts.  As you can imagine, I managed to get more felt tip on my hands than on the paper.


  1. Grace does look very snuggly! Intrigued by the drawing machine - look forward to some masterpieces!

  2. There's already a work in progress using that first attempt! Must rake out a link to the manufacturers of the machine - they're fascinating - a cross between one of the old spirographs and a pair of compasses.

  3. that drawing machine looks wonderful, enjoy experimenting with it!


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