Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Oh Pooh! - Earthy Spirituality

Or hearkening back to one of our son's favourite reads when we were living in France - Crotte!  Literally -  on the landing - ready to greet Mr GP as he came downstairs this morning.   GP cat has 'Toilet'  issues.   My morning 'time,' quiet or otherwise, is beginning to take on a whole incarnational dimension I'd not bargained for; half of me communing with the Almighty, the other watching out for signs that our resident feline is about to commune with our wood flooring instead of his litter tray.  (Note to self: What we thought was a regular dawn 'mad moment,' with Tigercat hurtling himself up and down stairs at 90 mph is something else entirely). Thus it was that my musings on the integration of my inner and outer landscapes  post spiritual direction visit yesterday were abruptly cut short. There's nothing, but nothing, like animals for keeping you grounded, is there?

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