Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Updated Underpinnings - A guide for the journey

I've updated my spiritual underpinnings section with much puffing, blowing, letting out of panels and replacement of worn elastic. Do have a look through my 'spiritual drawers' at A guide for the journey - spiritual direction.

Please excuse the levity. When you've  typed out the word 'spiritual' several dozen times, you get to thinking how very very silly it looks!


  1. Love the idea of "spiritual drawers". I hope you have special prayers for putting them on, like the priest's vesting prayers. (You know the old saying I'm sure: "the priest washes his hands and vests. And in the hot weather, he washes his hands and pants." Sorry, silliness is catching!)

  2. It took a split second for me to get the joke! Groan...


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