Monday, 6 January 2014

Unspecified Number of persons

of a royal, sagacious, see-er-like persuasion from faraway oriental  lands who may or may not have been accompanied by camels. (a nod to yesterday's  great all-age epiphany talk which made me smile). Peter Cornelius's beautiful chorale is sung here by Winchester Cathedral Choir. Enjoy.

No visits from our Royal personages chez Greenpatches yet, however; house blessings have had  to be   postponed until next weekend.  Tch! I  don't know...I bet you the original magi weren't put off by a few drops of rain.

Though just as well they didn't take GP Dog II along for the ride.


  1. This is one of my uttermost favourite Christmas (Epiphany?) carols. We used to sing it at my secondary school. As a different take on it, there is also the Chris Squires version (starting at 23 minutes into this: The singing isn't so fabulous, but it's still a nice version. In fact, I like the whole album very much - you might want to bookmark it for next year, if it is your cup of tea.

  2. Thank, Dormouse! I'll give it a look.


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