Monday, 11 May 2015


It's all over sunflowers on the A-Z Challenge Blog. If I thought that I was due a breather after all my hard work - I was wrong. We've been told to look out for the launch, later this week of the A-Z Road Trip. Cue ancient picture of Mr GP charging round the wilds of Wales. Shall I? Shan't I? That is the question. 

To other matters: Either my feed is being attacked by gremlins, or relatively few folk on my listings have been blogging these last few days. Maybe (for those in the UK at least), we're all suffering from Post Election fatigue.  It's been an 'interesting,'   and I use the word advisedly,   time.  If  the various feedback, discussions and analysis is to be believed, I am not a little apprehensive about what the next few years will hold, especially for  those who are already struggling: the elderly, sick, disabled, unfortunate....maybe it's my Franciscan streak coming out here - the need to stand up for the underdog. 

We'll see...


  1. I haven't done the A/Z road trip in the previous 2 challenges I did; not sure I'll do it this time around, we'll see. Probably lots of people have gone back to their normal blogging habits; I know I have; I usually only blog once a week to every 10 days when not in April :)


  2. That's good - to set up a regular pattern of blogging; that way people know what to expect and that you've not disappeared off the face of the earth! I'm preaching more to myself here, you'll note. ;)

  3. I've been a bit swamped by 'un-bloggable' events recently; nothing disastrous, but just time-and-energy consuming. Like an ofsted inspection at one of the schools I work in, and so on. Hoping to spring back soon!

  4. Life does tend to take over, doesn't it, and an Ofsted inspection is a good example of that! Hope that life becomes easier for you before too long.


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