Friday, 14 February 2014

Catching up - Time to Talk

Another unexpected free morning  has given me the chance to catch  up on my poor neglected blogroll. I never did revive my Blog of The Week feature, did I? Shame because 'Time to Talk,' by Musings of a Clergy Child takes top place by a mile.  I've blogged before  about the old Black Dog and his many siblings and am even now trying to work through the shadow he's cast over myself and my family for more years than I'd care to remember. (The abundance of exclamations marks in my posts is sometimes a cover). So -  do read Time to Talk, if you've not seen it already.  As a relative 'oldie', N's words give me hope; that the openness of my children's generation will pave the way for kinder attitudes towards , better understanding  and banishing of shame about mental illness.

Can I tell you a secret? There’s something about me that you probably don’t know. You probably wouldn’t guess, if you looked at me. If you spoke to me, you probably wouldn’t notice. If you asked, I probably wouldn’t tell you. I don’t want you to think I’m weak, you see. I don’t want you to treat me differently from how you treat your other friends. I don’t want to burden you, or for you to pity me. 
But I’m telling you anyway. I’m telling you because it’s time to step up and step out. It’s time to start conversations. To start friendships built on something more than pretending we’re all okay all the time. It’s time to stop being British and start being real.
          To read the whole post go here.

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