Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Growing Old Gracefully

Thank you Quinn McDonald for Ageing Out on the mismatch between  manners and  modern communications.  It put a big smile on the face of this Grumpy Old (ish) Woman. If I can add a few experiences of my own to the list:

 Shop assistants, officials etc begin to call you  - if you're lucky "Madam."  Note "If you're lucky...."nowadays "Dear," is sneaking its way in  , or worse - "Ducks."

In those surveys where you're asked to tick a box indicating your age - I've moved into the last but one category.  Enough said.

From a railway official recently and in all seriousness: " Madam, have you considered buying a Senior Railcard?" (!) And this isn't the first time either.

I don't know  whether to feel gratified or offended!

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