Monday, 18 June 2012

Earworms - Is there a cure?

We're still recovering from Father's Day. Both birds returned to the nest to celebrate. Now they've both flown back to their own abodes, Maison Greenpatch would seem  terribly quiet were it not that Mr GP Jnr has left us  a wonderful (depending on your mood) 'earworm.' One of his pressies to his Dad was the latest Muppet Movie - titled, appropriately enough, The Muppets, and here's the opening number: Life's a Happy Song, sung here by Kermit the Frog and composer Bret McKenzie. There are plenty clips of the full number in all its toe-tapping glory on Youtube, but I've spared you that here, out of deference to  more  sensitive and  Eeyore-like readers, of which I count myself as one. Can't deny it's catchy, though....tumte tumte tum tum-tum tumte tumte tumtity tuuummm. Aaagh! I've  tried to overlay it  with the piece I'm currently learning, but somehow Britten's setting of O Waly, Waly, lacks the necessary 'bounce.' I guess even Eeyore has his good days. And I can sing a mean Ode to Joy, Beaker style.

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