Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Waundrynge heere, theyre ande everiewheyre

Start and finish - The Swan at Wilton
Is that rain I can see?
Ye olde Roman Road
Wilton to Crofton

Mr GP and Greenpatch dog stride forth.

Crofton Pumping Station

Our exercise for the week; a walk out into the wilds of Wiltshire earlier today. If you wondered at the faux Middel Englisshe  in the post title, this is a reference to an epic trip we made in 2010. This morning we revisited one of the places we hiked through then.


  1. I love the Crofton Pumping Station picture - these works of watery engineering hold a strange and uneasy fascination for me!

  2. I can imagine! We didn't actually reach it the other day - time was running out for the pub and the only way back to that was by retracing our steps alongside the canal.

    1. Pubs by canals - my favourite! No wonder you wanted to get there in time...

  3. Beautiful photos and walks as always. Thank you for sharing.


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