Sunday, 10 June 2012

The dangers of organic gardening


Or  put another way -  Be fruitful and multiply, a revised vintage 'Greenpatch' first written in response to today's Old Testament reading.

Yes, yes, yes! I do realise that what the serpent offered Eve  was as likely to be a pear, kiwi fruit or a bunch of bannanas as half a pound of Coxes.  But were they organic - I'd like to know?!  Was the slimy reptile an early example of  wanton exploitation in a consumerist society? Or was he simply out to make an honest penny?
And whilst we're on the subject - Mr Adam, Where  were you  when all this jiggery-pokery was going on? I've discovered a very telling phrase in current editions of the Bible, that was definitely conspicuous by its absence in the version we studied at school: "She gave some [fruit] to her husband who was with her!!!"   Suffering from a convenient attack of temporary deafness, no doubt. Very convenient! Thus (depending on your interpretation) condemming poor Eve to an eternity of being fruitful -  all without the benefit of National Childbirth Trust ante-natal exercises. I can just picture it:

She: Never again, you animal

Midwife: Now dear, remember what we practiced in our last session? Deep breath...and hold...(don't push!) little pants - there we go: 'puff, puff, puff...Mr A dear, you're looking ever so queasy. I think you'd best get up the other end and hold her hand... Mr A? Oh, a note. What's this? "Sorry! Can't stop. Off to subdue a few thistles."' Excuses excuses!

Now, where was I? Ah yes. What is 'dominion' and what is 'stewardship?' I think you'll have to wait 'til another time for my thoughts on that one.

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