Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee- Kelly Kettles, Choirs, Corgis and Cupcakes

                                                 Jubilee cupcakes

Just off the phone to GP son, who's at a street party in Norwich.

Back down south in Maison Greenpatch, celebrations so far have been more low key. Highlights to date:

1. Cupcakes I bought this luscious lot above in the Saturday market. They didn't last long!

2. "Rock" Went with friends to a performance of the Roger Jones musical about the calling of Simon Peter. Great fun; very moving.

3. Choir I made a one-off visit to Newchurch choir to join in singing Zadok The Priest as part of the joint Jubilee celebrations; the Queen's Diamond coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of  a retired priest and member of the congregation. Which brings us to...

4. The Royal College of Music Chamber Choir in all their bedraggled splendour singing their hearts out in the river pageant finale. Did you see them? Talk about true British spirit; they weren't going to let a piddling shower of rain stop the show! Marvellous! (Though I must admit to having snoozed through much of the rest of the pageant.)

5. The Queen's home movies Well, that gave us a glimpse into  the lives of the Royals that we've not  come across before. Two snippets in particular, made me smile: one scene at Balmoral where the family were seen brewing up on a poacher's kettle, just like my favourite Kelly Kettle. And those stars of the show, the  ubiquitous corgis, especially Prince Charles's throwaway reference to the breed's snappiness (corgis being originally bred to round up cattle); there were not a few scared sentries around, apparently. Ouch! Too close to home. I've still  clear memories of the Headmistress's corgi at my prep school, who struck terror into the hearts of everybody, and was perfectly capable of bringing an entire 'crocodile'  of nicely brought-up young ladies and accompanying teachers to a terrified halt! Research has revealed that my memories aren't playing me false, either!

Mr GP, needless to say has completely ignored the entire shebang in favour of pub with his mates and golf. But shhhh...he's not noticed that I've sneaked in and changed the radio from Planet Rock to Classic FM's wall to wall Jubilee themed favourites!  All together now....

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