Monday, 25 June 2012

An English Country Garden

Here's a bouquet from the Greenpatch garden for you.  I love the scent of the blooms in the second photo. Does anybody know what this shrub is called? It flowers every year for a few weeks only,  bringing back memories of an elderly lady I used to visit many years ago. B lived in a nearby care home.  As she was going blind I made a point of choosing highly scented flowers as gifts and these were ideal.  She's long gone now, but whenever I smell these beautiful blossoms I'm reminded of her.


  1. I think the lower picture may be mock orange, or Philedelphus (not sure of spelling) lovely, fresh scent, flowers on last year's growth?
    We have one just outside the french window which is just beautiful.

  2. Mock Orange - that's the one! Thank you.


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