Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Rushing Mighty Wind - You Make Me Feel Bran New

You know, sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt at not always living up to the 'Ecological, Theological' promise of the Greenpatch strapline. (No problems with the 'Totally Illogical', you'll not be surprised to learn). It's at times like this that I'm heartened, encouraged and yea - challenged by the cutting-edge innovation of The Beaker Folk: always the first to explore the volatile  interface of theology, sustainability  and liturgical nuttiness. It gives  a whole new meaning, vibrancy even, to the concept of 'Fresh Expressions!' Keep right on in there, Burton. And if you should falter,  just remember this: 1)We're right behind you, (about 10 miles, preferably), and 2)'The Old Prunes are The Best Prunes.'


  1. Of course, there will always be those who will say, "Bean there, done that..." Well, the deeds of Burton Dassett will reverberate long after they are forgotten. (Mind you, I can see incense being even more popular in Husborne Crawley starting round about now.)

  2. Preferably Rev Gerald Ambulance's industrial strength 'Ol Romanian!



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