Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bosom Buddies: Another Recycled Greenpatch

Plumbing the depths - Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

The best laid plans of mice and men...This post should have been entitled: Musik hath charms to soothe the troubled breast; however, thanks to Daydreamer's Knickers! you'll just have to wait to hear about this afternoon's singing lesson  til later. 

How and where can you recycle those...ehrm...'items,' that we all possess but which aren't normally accepted by charity shops?  On a more serious note, enter another Recycled Greenpatch: the Church Times ran a double appeal a couple of years ago, to collect unwanted bras both for Bosom Buddies (a organisation working for homeless women) and Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service, who were sending undies out to Africa.  Maybe they could help? More details via the links. [note - if you're not a CT subscriber you may need to do a googlesearch for the two organisations].

Of course, for more recycling ideas, you could do no worse than follow the advice of Victoria Wood.  (I promise this post wasn't just an excuse to link to one of my favourite comediennes, really !)

"Every gusset a memory..."

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