Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Traveller Returns

Yes, I'm back, albeit peering at the world through sticky eyes and with a mini Mt Vesuvius and Bob the Builder vying for position in my internal plumbing system. The washing machine is still talking to me...just, though I suspect it may be heading off to the nearest therapist if it has to cope with many more loads. As always - I wish I'd the guts (unfortunate choice of wording!) to sneakily keep the out of office notice on my e-mail up a few days longer. But Growing Greenpatches seems to have been pottering along  nicely in my absence. It's amazing what a bit of benign neglect can do.

Although - horror of horrors - I've just spotted that two of my most 'popular' posts, flagged up there for all to see point to that  distinctly dodgy biblical material: Song of Songs. Gracious me, we can't be having that; folk'll get the wrong impression entirely! I must get writing again.


  1. Welcome back... And my heart(or elsewhere)felt sympathy for your ailments. Probably not the best scripture text to offer you, but - "sustain me with raisins for I am faint with love" does spring to mind; one of my favourites from you-know- where.
    Have a good rest and get better soon!


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