Friday, 7 September 2012

Doggy Tales - Accidents Will Happen

The Sad Tale of the Nectarine Stone

Who has eyes bigger than his stomach? Greenpatch Dog, that's who.  As if my various ailments weren't enough, he decides to wolf down a nectarine, ends up with the stone stuck in his guts, ("Blocked bowel - no traffic either way and a lot of gas,") resulting an  op ("We're going in!"), an overnight stay at the vets, and now, home and convalescent, much doggy angst and pathetic "bleeping," (We've not seen him that subdued since he had The Snip as a pup!). Here he is pictured a few minutes ago, feeling very sorry for himself.

Given the number of vet's visits he's had over the years with tummy troubles, it's a miracle this hasn't happened before now. 

If I was  having problems coming back down to earth after Greenbelt and pilgrimage, I'm over it now. There's nothing like pet ownership for keeping you grounded, is there?!

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