Friday, 21 September 2012

Home Grown Labyrinths - Here's One I Made Earlier

Hmm...I fear I'm rather better at walking labyrinths than drawing them. I had a go just then; not too bad, thanks to A Letter From Home's   brilliant  how-to guide. But as for the second, Trinitarian version, using a Y as the centre, something must have gone wrong somewhere: I seem to have one of the six points left over with nowhere to join it to. The final product (no, I'm not posting it here!) looks more like an abstract representation of a champagne cocktail that's slipped its moorings! Help me, somebody!

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  1. Yes, I struggled with the Trinitarian one a bit too! I found the only way was to put a dot between the top strokes of the Y (the cherry in the champagne cocktail) and a couple more in the other angles. Not easy to describe - I'm gesticulating wildly in the air as I write. Anyway, go round joining ends of lines to dots as in the classical labyrinth. An unusual shape, but you can "walk" to the centre. Maybe Kirsten can enlighten us as to an easier way!


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