Sunday, 14 October 2012

Always in the Kitchen at Parties

That about describes me; I'm a quiet, retiring Greenpatch at the best of times. Be that as it may , I've decided to Be Bold and have just signed up for a Grow Your Blog party, to be hosted by Vicki at 2bagsfull. Just look at that heavenly rainbow mix of yarns. They have me salivating already and I don't even knit!  It'll take place in January 2013; plenty time for me to prepare my coping strategies (maybe I'll even pluck up courage to come out of the virtual "kitchen", who knows?)  To explain, the project is aimed at folk who'd like to grow their number of blog followers. I'm really not that bothered about stats and lists, still, I must admit I've enjoyed the interaction with my small, but loyal band of  ( not sure what to call you - followers sounds a bit creepy IMO) - Greenpatch readers, especially since I moved here from my old typepad blog. Why you continue to read my inane witterings, goodness only knows but never mind, I'm sure you'd be happy to welcome some more bloggers into my virtual abode.

Thanks to Fatdormouse, aka the Wibsite's View From the Teapot for letting me know about this event. Do hop over to Vicki's blog if you fancy signing up yourself; just the thing  to brighten up those grey, cold January days.

[ New to this lark. I've a feeling I should have posted some sort of a logo here, never mind!]


  1. Thank you for your interest in my Grow Your blog party! It WILL be an amazing event. PLEASE watch my blog for the OFFICIAL sign up post -- you will need to sign up on that post to participate. The sign up post will be coming up at the end of this month on my blog. I am sure we can bring lots more followers yourway!

    BTW--- your blog header photo is amazing!


  2. How do you know how many followers you have! I have lots of blogs on my RSS reader (including this one), but unless I comment, how would they ever know I've read them?

    1. K, it's not the same as the RSS reader - you'll need to add the blogger "Followers" gadget. Go to your stats page, then from the column down the LH side click on "layout." On the layout grid you should see an area labelled "Add a gadget." Click on this to display a list of available gadgets; the one you need is "Followers," and follow the instructions. Once installed you can place your followers feature wherever you like on your blog. Mine's in the far RH column underneath "About Me." It may also mean making your Google Friend profile public, though - can't remember, it's such a while since I set mine up.

      You can usually work out who's been reading your blog by looking at your stats.

      Good luck!

  3. Hurrah! And I will instantly boost your "followers" to another.
    I'm one for lurking in the kitchen too 5isn't that where the food and wine is? Why move anywhere else?!) but maybe we can mingle a bit together!

  4. Great to see you over here, Dormouse! Yes, the kitchen is definitely the best place to be IMO; we'll have to start a mini gathering in there.


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