Friday, 26 October 2012

Where Did You Get that Hat? Yet more Creative Repurposing

Beaker struts his stuff in a fetching ensemble of green lab coat and  matching tie, topped off with a snazzy lambswool  beret cunningly fashioned  from an old Monsoon cardigan. And there's still enough material left over to make a pair of matching fingerless gloves.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm taking this creativity thing too far...


  1. Love it!! Beaker's one of my favourite Muppets and he looks stunning... I've a horrible feeling I have THAT cardigan though!

  2. I'm sure you have; at one point half the women in the S of England seemed to be wearing it or variations of. I well remember three of us taking up the elements at Communion, and we were ALL sporting that self same cardi. We must have looked like sticks of rock processing up the aisle!

  3. what a brilliant piece of creative repurposing!

  4. Thanks, both. I think it looks better on me without the blue trim, so I'm now pondering a how to turn it up without the stitching showing. Tricky when you're dealing with stripy material.


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