Monday, 29 October 2012

The Calm before The Storm

Received a welcome e-mail this morning from GP daughter, currently in NYC, who's realised by the number of messages she's received from worried friends back home that we might just be concerned for  her safety . She is, apparently,  in a low-risk district,  and does feel the UK media are ever so slightly exaggerating the situation. She and friends are how  settling in for a day spent eating pizza and watching movies.

Right then...This anxious Mum with Enneagram Sixish tendencies had best push all memories of a certain British forecaster's slip- ups 25 years ago to the back of her mind and get on with the week.


  1. Love and prayers to you both - and for everyone in the path of the storm, whatever it brings. Reminds me how blessed I am to have the luxury of sitting in safety and waxing lyrical about autumnal weather.

  2. Yes, I've been listening on the news about the hurricane that is supposed to hit NYC. They have made it out to be quite serious, with all the evacuations etc. Glad your daughter is ok!

    I found your blog via 2 Bags Full 'grow your blog event' - such fun! Annie

  3. Thanks, both (and welcome, Annie - great to see you). I like to think she gets her sang-froid from the '87 storms when she was a toddler. We barely registered the storm until we had an anxious phone call from hubby, who was away at the time, wanting to know if the house was still standing!


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