Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Embracing Minimalism

That should bring in more traffic; or at least traffic from real bloggers as opposed to those pesky persons in trenchcoats bearing tins of luncheon meat. When I say 'minimalism,' I'm referring not to the simplicity element of my rule of life, more the enforced space and burst of energy caused by the last Bank holiday sunshine and by Mr GP being away cycling. Put another way, I've been making hay...that is, whirling  round house and garden like a dervish, mop, broom and spade in hand. Plants have been planted, floors have been mopped, cupboards (well, one cupboard anyway) have been cleared, paper clutter shredded, dog hoovered (only joking), bags dropped off at the charity shop and the whole place generally spruced up.  How long it'll last is anybody's guess, I'll make the most of it. I do some of my best thinking when I'm physically occupied.


  1. Speechless with admiration... I'm probably not the first person to ask this, but when you've finished can you come round and do some of your "best thinking" at my house? It needs it!

  2. Ah well...It won't last. I don't think you can ever have a house beautiful when you're sharing it with two hairy horrors (and that's just Mr GP!) I think poor GP dog is in shock. He's retired to his basket to guard his bone, (bribery works wonders), although I think he realises that keeping a low profile amidst the chaos earns him extra 'walkies.'

  3. Oh and forgot to mention that it all went horribly wrong at one point when I enthusiastically sprayed my basil seedlings with what turned out to be not water - but Windolene!


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