Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blogging A-Z Day 7: Found Poetry

F for Found Poetry. There's nothing like celebrating the arrival of Spring with a Found Poem. Have a peep here for another example of this simple way of combining words and colours which even a totally non-artistic GP can manage. Another cause for celebration - the arrival of our new colour printer/scanner; long-awaited after a year of greyness. I even managed to install it myself!  Who knows? I may even be able to rediscover  my colouring and creativity as well as my blogging mojo.

The song for today? Well - with Spring in the air,  what better  choice than Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World.


  1. Good for you that you could install the printer! I had hubby show me how to hook up the computers the last time we moved so maybe I can remember them for the next time we move :) I always enjoyed the What a Wonderful World song; so pretty!


  2. It was a rather satisfying experience, if I say so myself! Fairly straightforward as well, which is a first. For some strange reason, when the old colour printer had heavy daily usage - children, both budding graphic designers still at home - it worked like a dream. As soon as they went, it started to play up. Maybe it sensed it was in the hands of an amateur!


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