Friday, 9 March 2012

Counting Blessings

Emma at LLM Calling's been asking us to share our top ten blessings. Here goes:

1. Family
2. Our furry friends, past and present - GP dog (currently under the weather - get well soon B) and our new cat.
3. Health
4. Creativity - art journaling, singing and my ability to spin ideas around, make connections and dream dreams.
5. My sense of humour puts everything in perspective. When it begins to slip I know I'm losing it...
6. Being in a fortunate enough position to have the freedom to do what I love doing.
7. Friends
8. Wide open spaces and the freedom to explore them - like our Grand Pilgrimage last year.
9. My faith and the discovery of the contemplative path. Folk like my church and spiritual director who've  supported me in my meanderings along it.
10. No list of blessings  would be complete without my mainstay: A Nice Cup of Tea!


  1. Excellent list! Sorry to hear about Miffdog. How old is he - 10 or so? Do hope he's better v soon.

    1. Thanks,'s weird; he does sometimes get these tummy upsets, but this is the longest ever - he's been pumped full of antibiotics and steroids and has barely eaten for days. Hopefully things will ease up. He's not hugely old, only 9 years old.

  2. Tea, oh how I long to be able to have a hot cup of tea on my tongue again, even my great painkillers aren't allowing that right now. I love your blessings, thanks for sharing and linking up. with blessings. Emma at LLM Calling

    1. Thanks, too Emma. Sorry to hear you're tealess atm; I guess a glass of ice tea just wouldn't be the same. I'm a great believer in what I call the 'sit down and talk about it with A Nice Cup of Tea' school of theology and pastoral care and would be really bereft without my cuppa!


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