Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sound of Silence

As anybody who's familiar with my old Greenpatches blog will know, I'm no stranger to retreats. Silence and solitude have played a major part in my faith journey for a long time  now; it comes naturally to me and I sometimes need to remind myself that not everybody relates to God in the same way. The memories of that first  course over ten years ago when we were (gulp!) asked to spend 15 minutes in silent prayer seem very hazy  indeed.

I do love to hear about other people's experiences as they discover this marvellous gift for themselves though, so was delighted to stumble across Tim of  Nomad Podcast's reflections on a five -day retreat and his interview with Ruth Holgate of Loyola Hall Spirituality Centre. UK readers may remember her as one of the directors on The Big Silence documentary, filmed at St Beunos.

So, if  you're wondering what this practice of silence and retreat is all about and whether it's for you, you might find both of these resources help answer your questions.

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