Tuesday, 27 March 2012

"This is the mystery of faith": Passiontide

 So Passiontide begins.  Rather than my own muddled meanderings on the meaning of Christ's Passion, I'm linking to last Sunday's sermon from what, for online purposes, I've previously  blogged about  as 'Newchurch. ' Here it is, a memorable  reflection on the metaphors we  use as we grapple with the meaning of the mystery that lies at the heart of our Christian faith: Why did Jesus go to these lengths? What was the point of his sufferings? What was the point of his death?

It's when I hear teaching like this that I realise again that Eeyore though I might be at times,  I'm so fortunate to have found a church  now where different viewpoints are accepted, questions are asked and we're  encouraged to expand our understanding of God beyond the human constructs we place on him. As it says in the closing paragraph: 

Amen to that!

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