Friday, 2 March 2012

Puffin' along

There're times you  have to smile. And today that smile just  got bigger and bigger when I opened my reader to find Robin C's contribution to today's Picturing God - Puffins - real puffins on the Island of Staffa!

Those of you who've read my old Greenpatches blog will know all about my childhood ambition to meet the puffins and my infamous trip to Staffa last year.  I've always  had a soft spot for those cheery chappies and was pretty cheesed off to have missed them then. So near but yet so far...

But they simply don't give up it seems; they even managed to play a starring role in my retreat at St Beunos.

As I said, my smile just grew and grew...  A million thanks to Picturing God, Robin C, and, as one of the original children's Puffin Club members 45 years ago, can I just say...There's Nuffin' like a Puffin!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photo!

  2. Thanks. I'm amazed you were able to get so close! Were there many of them on Staffa? We were told that you're less likely to find them on dry land nowadays because of predators.


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