Monday, 12 March 2012

Whiskers on Kittens - 110 Things that Bring Me Life...continued

At the (totally embarrassing) risk of sounding a dead ringer for Maria in The Sound of Music:

45. The blossom laden trees in the park as I walked GP dog in the park earlier. So delicate; try and grasp the blooms and you risk crushing them.

46. The arrival in my in-box of the St Beunos newsletter;  bright, springlike and bursting out all over.

I'm not so sure about our own resident 'big kitten,' pictured above. Leastways - when he plonks himself on my desk between the printers and sits there looking stern/shoves his whiskers in my face. We've not had to cope with such goings-ons since the reign of the Late Great Gothcat. Was that really three cats ago? How time flies!

[Hmm..Who can spot the typo in the post title first?! ]


  1. That is a fine cat indeed - I do have a soft spot for ginger mogs. Typo? No - unless it's that you need a space after the ellipsis? (But then authorities differ on this point - or 3...)

  2. Hint. Look at the number of blessings!

  3. That's a handsome cat! I'm intrigued how life must have been under the reign of the Late Great Gothcat!

  4. Ah, the tales (and tails!) I could tell! I must re-blog some of his exploits some time; the drama of the Christmas creche and the Karma Sutra reindeer was a classic. Since then we've had Viking and Scaredy cat. Maybe I should run a comp inviting online names for the latest arrival.


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