Monday, 19 March 2012

Quirky Creativity and Snail Racing

Aloof Lord Palmerston
looks down
Upon the ceaseless
traffic in the town.
Inscrutable as the
Egyptian Sphynx
I sometimes wonder
what he really thinks.

After spotting the the sad tale of the untimely demise of young Henry West, here's another of those hidden 'gems,' spotted in Romsey last Saturday. This plaque - part of the town trail, refers, of course, to the statue of the 19th Century Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, pictured here. Yes, I do wonder what he thinks. He must have seen a fair few changes in his day. 

Anyway, to creativity; the object of the expedition was not to admire  Lord Palmerston. I was in Romsey for a day with the Winchester Spiritual Direction Network at Wisdom House, home of The Daughters of Wisdom (Sisters of La Sagesse). We had a marvellous time exploring all kinds of creative resources and tools to help resource   our own spiritual journeys or   those we're working alongside.  There was really only time to offer  a taster of such delights as story-telling, collage and watercolouring and to pool  a few other creative ideas with each other. But no matter. I was thrilled, thoroughly enjoyed myself and took away a few 'creations,' to muse over and sit with. Plus a socking great chunk of modelling clay, bought in the town's proper toyshop (why are there so few nowadays, I wonder?) which I needed for something at church the following day. (Ouch, my poor back!)

Another exciting discovery: the centre has a labyrinth. Sadly -  I had a long journey back home, so didn't get a chance to walk it this time round. I must find an excuse to go back some time soon.

In case anybody wondered, no, the day's programme did not include snail racing! This last was from an advert I spotted in a shop window en route back to the railway station.  A night of snail racing, organised by Romsey District Scouts. The mind boggles. Only in the UK!

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