Sunday, 4 March 2012

Counting the Cost - On return from a Far Country

 Another Lent blogger: Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading reflects on Facebook about life in Ethiopia.

On return from a Far Country 12
Sunday 4th March. Lent 2.
Mark 8: 31-end
36 and 37 catch my eye. The average life expectancy in Ethiopia is 46 for a woman, 47 for a man. More than half the population live more than a days walk from the nearest asphalt road and only 35.5% percent of the adult population is literate. We probably live 30 years longer on average and most of us can read and write. But of course, the truth is that all life hangs by a thread. Yours and mine as well as theirs. We’re just so protected we forget it much of the time. We have a fantastic NHS, an education system that is the envy of many and we can insure ourselves up-to-the-hilt if we wish. But it doesn’t change anything. Our life still hangs by a thread, but it is pure gift from God. Give thanks for being alive today and use the day to be a blessing to others.

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