Friday, 4 May 2012

Music for a while...

...doth all your cares beguile, especially when it involves a trip to see those Grandaddies of prog rock Jethro Tull. Last night's trip to see Ian Anderson et al perform TAAB and TAAB2, was every bit as enjoyable as the last one was and also fulfilled a life's ambition for Mr GP, who was too young to be able to be able to go and  see the band when the original TAAB was released.

Unlike the 2010 tour though, we enjoyed a grandstand view in the second row from the front, hence I've no idea if 2010's pattern of  audience wandering in and out to spend a penny repeated itself or not. I think the band must have noted this one, though, given Ian Anderson's brief but...ehrm...effective prostate cancer awareness spot.  I'll admit to nearly splitting my sides and worse besides laughing at this point, but seriously, given the average age last night, what better way to get the message over to your target audience.

Though yes, showing a colonoscopy video might have been a step too far!

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