Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Singing a new song

Daydreamer's reflections on the joys of singing, made me smile yesterday, as I went back to my weekly singing session after a longish break. I'm not sure that Mr GP is quite   as appreciative of my warbling of Purcell's "Nymphs and Shepherds;"the words "earworm" were mentioned,  my voice  not being anywhere near these two performances here - by Robin Hendrix and of course, the famous 1929 recording  by the Manchester Children's Choir accompanied by the Halle Orchestra.

Never mind, I'll continue to sing on. As I blogged a few years ago:

 I’ve found that half hour really important in all kinds of ways, not the least in the confidence stakes. And even more as something which I do just ‘because,’ and not because I ‘should.’ More especially back last year when I was going through a bit of a bumpy patch. Singing on your own of course, means having to focus (no sitting back and letting the others do the hard work). I quite often come out with if not always a spring in my step, at least a smile on my face and whistling away not so much like a nightingale as a slightly demented sparrow.

As they say (cue  more blatant linking here), Music for a while, doth all your cares beguile. Especially for Yours Truly. I have -  after all -  renamed my favourite psalm The Heffalump.

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