Saturday, 5 May 2012

Procrastination rules - Them pesky widgets

Procrastination of course, being a practice that your typical Franciscan tertiary never indulges in; especially of the more 'techy' variety. I gave up IM'ing years ago; multitasking gets me into more of a tangle than a game of cat's cradle. Tweeting I leave to the birds, (those few who've the guts to venture into GP dog's domain), and, as for the dreaded Facebook timeline - "Did she fall or was she pushed?" I vowed to hold out until the last possible moment, but it's just amazing what a girl will do to avoid getting to grips with Excel.

All this being a long-winded prelude to my confession to having succumbed to the lure of the 'Popular Posts' gadget. Do I have any popular posts?  I'm trying to keep NGP slimline; the old Greenpatches blog was beginning to develop more extraneous bulges than Yours Truly's burgeoning spare tyre. I may belong to a bells and (occasional very occasional) smells church, but for my own peace of mind, I'd prefer to keep my corner of the blogosphere as free from bells and whistles as I can. Popular posts looks to be a more than acceptable substitute for the Linkwithin widget on the old blog. The latter's logic came over rather hit and miss to me. I wonder what its MBTI profile might be?

I'll  make an exception for  the nifty little Friend's connect gadget, even if  its title conjures up an 'Upstairs Downstairs' scenario for me, with some aristocratic employer shrilling "Absolutely no followers allowed!" at the assembled household staff!

Heigh ho... simplicity is a strange beast. Would Christ have bothered with 'Followers,' I wonder?


  1. Jesus' Followers didn't click on him, he clicked on them.

    They soak up bandwidth, slow load times and clutter up your nice clean layout. Aren't widgets great?

  2. Jesus Friend Connect. Hmm. Could catch on.

    Yes, my spiritual bandwith is awash with the little critters. :)

  3. just wait until Blogger forces us all into 'Dynamic views' the new unnecessary change for change's sake .

  4. Do you mean that ghastly multi-tiled flippy thing? Please, no, no, a thousand times no!! I came across a blog using that yesterday. Couldn't for the life of me work out what went where. I felt as if I was caught up in the middle of a giant Rubik's cube!


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